New Release for 2016
Lights of the Heart
Delora November is a survivor—ask anyone in Redstar, Alabama, and they will tell you that.
Her ex-husband put her in a burn ward and she came fighting back. She works three jobs
and on the surface she’s keeping it together.

Yet Redstar itself works its own magic. When the thought of yet another hospital is too
much, Delora turns to the bayou healer women she’s heard might help. In the quiet,
breathing depths of Bayou Lisse she meets Sophie Cofe.

It seems like magic indeed when Delora finds answers to questions she had yet to ask and
cures for ills she had thought beyond fixing. But, underneath her happiness, there is still a
lurking evil that can take away everything Delora—and Sophie—hold dear.
Physician Corinthia Madsen Salas—Dr. Maddie—has a flourishing
practice in the tiny southern town of Maypearl, Alabama.  Although
she’s on call for her eclectic patients 24/7, she keeps her personal
life private—most notably the fact that she is in love with her new
receptionist, Ella Lewis. To reveal the truth could be an ethical
disaster for her career and her impeccable standing as a civic leader
in the small town. Yet, even so, she wonders often if Ella's sly, shy
glances indicate a return of affection or just workplace courtesy.
Then the incredible happens, the two are thrust into revealing their
feelings and Ella offers to change jobs so that they may have a
relationship. Throwing caution to the wind, Maddie agrees. After a
blissful evening, Dr. Maddie is called out to a late night emergency
and soon the worlds of both women turn completely upside down.
Now Ella is faced with life changing choices. Should she turn away
from the challenges a life with Corinthia would bring? Or allow the
power of devotion, time and persistence to bring her beloved Maddie
back to her arms…
This new romance by award-winning author Nat Burns is filled with
quirky patients, comedic office staff and, oh yes— love. Lots of love.